Master Your Golf Brain 2.0

The step-by-step process for taking your game from the range to course so that you can end the frustration of underperforming while playing with more calm and confidence.

If you struggle to take your game from the range to the course,

this program is for you.

If you want more peace around the game,

this program is for you.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You hit better shots on the range than on the course?
  • Your confidence changes based on how you are hitting it?
  • You sometimes feel out of control?
  • Your emotions, (anger, nerves, pressure, doubt, fear), affect your swing?
  • You feel pressure to produce a score (aka results based)?
  • You say "I suck" alot?
  • You struggle to quiet the thoughts in your head before or during a round?
  • You mostly think the solution is to practice more, take more lessons or change your swing?

This is a new and unique approach to the mental game

And, it will absolutely be a game-changer for you.

By the end of this program

you will :

  • Be more in control of your brain on the course
  • Play with more calm and peace
  • Know what to do with anxiety, frustration and disappointment
  • A plan to change your negative thinking to something useful and powerful
  • Take the golf swing you have on the range to the golf course
  • Manage expectations
  • Be less results focused
  • Not worry about what other people think
  • Have more self-confidence no matter how you hit it
  • Watch other areas of you life level up as well

What Clients Say

"This Stuff Works!"

I had to share… played today in our monthly guest day tournament. Did my pre round prep on the way to the golf course. I can honestly say I did not think of outcomes because I was so focused on staying present.

Wow what a difference! It’s really a whole new world on the golf course, wow. Thank you so much for helping me get out of my own way…This stuff really works!



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A Small Sample of Our Amazing Students

❝ I can't tell you how many times I have shared your [process] with friends, and usually there is a gleam of understanding, kind of an "ah ha!" that follows. It is so powerful, I use it a lot off the golf course, and of course, on it!!❞


I got to experience a round in physical and emotional balance. I can do this. I can play better when my brain is managed better. I know what this feels like now. I think this is going to stick with me.


My son and I just finished your [Program] and I thought it was awesome content. He was a "I Suck" kid...Now treating himself much nicer thanks to your program and his scores reflect it, thank you!


Kathy Hart Wood

Nothing is much more frustrating than knowing you can hit the shots on the range, but you can't do it on the course. It's knowing that you are in your own way.

You just need a step-by-step process.

Program Breakdown

Get Clear On Where You Are

You start the program HERE with finding what your real problem is mentally. It is time for you to get curious as you answer some key questions and collect data. You are going to use this information throughout the rest of the program as you learn to manage YOUR brain on your way playing better and enjoying the game more.

The Formula For Getting Results

You'll learn my formula for solving any problem. You use what you discovered in the previous unit and plug it into the formula. You'll leave feeling empowered about what is possible on the path to mastering your golf brain. The more you practice the formula the stronger your mind on the you have a little homework.

How To Think Powerfully

This is about pivoting mentally. You'll learn how to shift to more powerful thoughts that create the results that you want. You discover the three options you have with any thought. And you learn how to believe in yourself and your golf game even if you do not have evidence.

How To Deal With Emotions on Course

The KEY SKILL for you to learn is what the heck to do with all the emotions you experience with golf. The goal is to make as many swings as possible from your best state or feeling. This is usually calm and/or confident. In this section, you learn how to turn negative emotions into a more positive place for you and your game.

The Process For Every Round

No two rounds of golf are the same. Your game, your group and your experience will change. This is where you want a process for the next leveling up of you and your game. You'll learn the process you want to repeat over and over again.

Plus these Bonuses to help you

Level Up Your Game and Play to Your Potential

Bonus 01

On-Course Tactics Toolkit

There are moments on the course when we need some extra tools at our disposal to help us calm our nerves and redirect our brains. This bonus is full of powerful tactics for you to use during a round when golf situations offer up extra mental challenges.

Bonus 02

Tournament Prep Blueprint

Each round offers unique mental hurdles and being prepared helps create more certainty on the course. You learn my "junk drawer" technique which is a step-be-step plan for pre-round preparation. You learn how to create more certainty while minimizing the chances of being mentally blind-sided. You'll discover effective tools to use during the tournament or any round and follow a powerful plan to effectively evaluate your day after the round.

Bonus 03

50 Go-To Sayings for the Course

Sometimes we are at a loss for useful things to say to ourselves on the course especially when we are in a negative place. With this list you can find some sayings that resonate with you, print it out and stick it in your bag for handy reference.

Plus, You'll Be Backed by a 14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Let me share this with you.

This is the framework I teach my private clients who have had tremendous success. It is a skill that will serve YOU too, on and off the golf course. It does take work. In golf, there is no magic pill.

I believe so much in this process that if you go through the program and have not found any value, reach out to support for a refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions...I have answers. If I can help answer any others feel free to reach out to

What level golfer is this for?

Any level golfer that wants to take more of their game to the course, play with less frustration, manage the negative chatter and enjoy the game more, will find tremendous value in Master Your Golf Brain.

Is this good for my junior?

Yes for sure. The best time to learn to manage your thoughts and emotions is as a junior golfer. Depending on the age of your junior, you may want to go through the material alongside them so the parent and junior are "talking the same language."

Who are you?

My name is Kathy Hart Wood. I fix mental games. I am a former Tour Player, a Certified Life Coach, a Top 50 Teacher and host of the podcast Above Par. I coach people 1:1 and this is the exact program I use to help my clients achieve amazing results.

What if I have questions or need help?

If you have more questions, reach out to

Still not Sure?

You want to join the Master Your Golf Brain program

with the 14-day guarantee if you are motivated

by any of the following:

  • You're tired of underperforming
  • You're frustrated with feeling out of control on the course.
  • You can't quiet the negative chatter
  • Golf is a big part of your life...and you want to feel better about it.

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